Pumpkin Ministries Durbanville, South Africa – a great place to find out more about fostering and adoption.
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Ex-Durban couple, Louise and Mark Wilkinson , started Pumpkin Ministries, a South African non-profit organisation(NPO # 126 -726 Registration NPC # 2012/155781/08), to make a difference to abandoned broken children. These children need a loving family who will walk with them during a time of crisis and welcome them unconditionally into a caring home.

The goal of Pumpkin Ministries is to provide temporary care for children with the ultimate aim of reuniting them with their biological family or while finding an adoptive family for those for whom reunification is not an option.

Towards this goal, Pumpkin Ministries provides a stable family environment that shows love to all children who are going through a challenging time. The children in their care have been removed from their families because of alleged neglect or abuse. They are placed in Pumpkin Ministries, to be loved, and to be in a supportive home environment. The Children are in the legal care of  the South African Government however, like every other child, they need a family to care for them – Pumpkin Ministries is the family that unconditionally offers this care.

Their children range from  new born  babies to teenagers. Those who have been abandoned; all the broken and orphaned have a home with them. All are treated as one of their own children.
Pumpkin Ministries brings hope, healing and restoration to lives  through the love that Jesus himself demonstrates in His Word.


Click the link below if you would like more information on how you can make a difference in these Childrens’ lives by donating to  Pumpkin Ministries , or even just to find out more on their website.

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