1. On first contact, it is our priority for us to meet with our prospective clients personally in order to allow them to see if they “click” with us or not. Clients are not charged for this first meeting, where we also provide a detailed FREE assessment of their I.T. environment and their needs, whilst incorporating their goals and budgetary restraints. This approach is the same for individuals, small businesses and corporates alike.

2. There is no obligation to the client to purchase from us after their free assessment report has been emailed to them.

3. Our assessment report is designed in phases, allowing our client to keep control of the time frame and financial aspects of the proposal. We structure it as a phased approach for them so that they can choose segments as their business needs allow.

4. We ask a 75% deposit when a quote is produced and once payment is received, we submit the order. We do extensive research to find the best prices and the best quality of what our client is needing.


5. We will always be honest and our assessment report will detail what aspects of their current infrastructure can still be utilised via simple, cheaper upgrades or changes so as to avoid duplicity and unnecessary expenditure.

6. We then schedule an appointment to perform the task(s) at hand and on completion, the balance of the invoice is sent for payment.

7. Clients receive their invoices via email from our Sage One accounting software and invoices can be tracked and paid via EFT or via credit card, whichever the client prefers, directly from the system.

8. We do not charge call outs in a 25km radius nor do we charge for our quotes. We are an I.T. company that cares about speaking the language of our clients rather than profits. We are passionate about our reputation and the work we do.


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Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. We keep normal office hours but can be contacted 24/7/365 if you need us at NO EXTRA CHARGE!