We have a vast array of services with which we can assist you or your business.

I.T. Infrastructure Solutions

Infrastructure is viewed as everything that supports the flow and processing of information, but it is mostly considered to be hardware and software.

Internet Security Solutions

We offer and support most antivirus and internet security solutions but our preferred solution is by far ESET which is why we have registered as partners. Bringing you the latest and the best quality at very affordable rates over a broad spectrum of home and business devices.

Best Practice

Network and Cabling Solutions

We do our own cabling and work neatly and finish off properly. We have been called in on many occassions to supplement other I.T. companies who have left cables untidy for people to trip over. We can do the work from start to finish, or even just tidy up, whatever suits your needs.

Server Solutions

Offering all sorts of server solutions for small to medium businesses. Our server expertise and experience are top quality.

MS Servers Dell Servers

Fast and Friendly Support

We are available 24/7/365 to contact or respond as we realise the critical nature of I.T. and understand your needs.  No after hours rate is charged at this time.

PCI Compliance

Make sure your business is compliant and secure if you are accepting credit cards. Check with us.

Website Design Solutions

From static pages to more involved websites, we can do it for you. We use WordPress for our designs. Control and manage your own content or we can do it for you.

Our Portfolio

Social Media Marketing Solutions

Designing of social media pages and tools to set up mini websites. Especially useful if you cannot afford a full website and domain yet and even if you can.

CCTV Sales and/or Installations

Protect your home or business with CCTV surveillance cameras. Combat losses due to theft by employees or shoplifters. We can provide you with proper equipment, install it for you and we also offer instruction and 2 hours free after sales support.

Printing and Scanning Solutions

Purchase a printer from us and we will order and deliver your cartridges to you thereafter and on time as a service, saving you time and travel costs. We will also monitor and advise when equipment needs to be serviced. For existing printers, we can also source your cartridges for you for collection from our premises.

3D Printers

Disaster Recovery and Planning

Don’t be caught off guard, especially for businesses with Big Data that can cripple or ruin your business. We offer assessment and solutions of your needs to help you secure the future of your business against any unforseen circumstances easily.

Data Transfer

We can transfer all your data to your new machines for you on your new purchases. Charges are at normal rates per hour and if the equipment is bought from us, a standard maximum of 4 hours is charged even if problems are encountered in setup and data transfer.

I.T. Environment Documentation

We can document in bound manuals your I.T. environment for you; useful to have for ISO standards and to use to validate what your existing in-house I.T. department or I.T. outsourcing company are doing.

Backup Solutions - both on and off site

This is an aspect so often neglected but that can make or break your business to put it very simply. Don’t be without a backup solution!! We can help you simplify this daunting task that people seem to always “get to”, but rarely do. Make sure your childrens’ schoolwork is also backed up properly!

Hardware and Software Sales, Support and Maintenance

Registered with 6 leading distributors in South Africa, we can source just about any products for you. Always check before you invest to ensure you are able to get the after sales service should you require it.

Promo Products

Cloud Computing

Simplifying cloud computing for you and offering solutions through a number of our partners such as Microsoft and Dell. Learn what cloud computing can do for you.

Dell Cloud MS Cloud

VoIP and PABX Solutions

Using your internet IP address to make and receive calls

What is VoIP

Asset Management

Keep track of your assets and software

Photocopies,scanning and faxing services

We can make black and white copies for you, send and receive faxes, laminate A4 pages and scan for you at competitive rates. We have a generator during load shedding and can offer the use of our wireless network and a desk should you need to continue to work.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

We have a number of service level agreement options available to utilise our services on a monthly retainer should that fit your budget and needs better.


Software and Volume Licensing

Make sure that your business is running current licensed software. We can assist you.

MS Licensing Dell Licensing

Streamlining your business

Having systems in place really helps people to have more time for sales, marketing and productivity. We can help you set up efficient systems in your business such as an accounting and book keeping software system, produce your invoices online directly after servicing a client, monitor your income and expenses and basically save your business a lot of time and money.

Contact our Team

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. We keep normal office hours but can be contacted 24/7/365 if you need us at NO EXTRA CHARGE!