CYBER INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS (PTY) LTD makes it our mission to provide a unique buying and service experience for both individuals and businesses alike in the greater Durban area of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. One that focuses on service excellence, quality and cost-effectiveness first and foremost. We understand the frustrating, sometimes unpleasant, but necessary demands of the rapidly advancing Information Technology sector.

Our goal is to provide our Clients with honest and reliable experiences by satisfying their needs with top quality and affordable products and services, but most of all to be personnel they can trust and rely on to provide the best solutions and service to them and their businesses, large and small.

Our Employees and our Clients are our Family and are valued and treated as such with respect and dignity at all times. And for us, Family ALWAYS comes first.

We are building a reputable and exemplary business that is a place where we are happy to be working, with people that we want to be working with and where we have peace of mind about cash flow and our growth, far more than profits.

We will always go the extra mile and our Clients know and can be assured that we will exhaust all avenues on their behalf before we present our proposed solutions. Our free assessment reports of our Clients’ current infrastructure on our first encounter with them, enables us to have all the specifications we need at our fingertips, should our services be required at any time.

Our phased approach within our detailed reports, give our Clients’ the unique flexiblity and ability to control how they achieve their goals within their own financial and time constraints. We will always utilise as much of their existing infrastructure as possible to achieve their goals and do not advocate exaggerated invoices for our benefits.

Our reputation, honesty and credibility are for us the most critical elements of a successful business as well as the ability to adapt our business methods to ever-changing, increasingly difficult, economic demands on both individuals and companies within our country.

Our business is our Passion, our Clients and our Employees are our Family, and our Service will always remain our Focus. A young company, with old fashioned Values, we take Pride in everything we do. Our Reputation means much more to us than just profits.

Our Unique Approach

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