How to best check if there is load shedding scheduled in your area

After clicking on the button “Load shedding Grid Watch” link below to the news24 grid watch:

  1. Click the button “Add a location”
  2. Enter your suburb name
  3. Click the “Search” button
  4. Select your area by clicking on the area that comes up in the results list
  5. The day and date will be displayed as well as a statement as to what stage, if any, is currently in progress.
  6. Click on the “Save this location” button to save your area
  7. Click on “Calendar View” or “Text View” to select the way in which you wish to see the schedule
  8. In accordance with the statement displayed as to what stage is currently in progress, check the grid displayed to see what times you are due to experience load shedding, if any.
Loadshedding Grid Watch

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Important to note:

Load shedding can cause power surges and spikes that can damage components in computers and cause them not to work which can be both inconvenient and expensive to pc owners. Have you invested in a UPS at all? This is an Uninterrupted Power Supply , that allows you time to properly shut down your equipment which preserves the life and health of it dramatically.

For more information or a quote on a UPS, please use our contact page to contact us. They are currently retailing for around R650 each. A very worthwhile investment! We will deliver and install for you for just R200!


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