18/02/2015 maryba73

Advice before you BUY

In today’s economic crisis, we find ourselves having to turn over every penny before we part with it.

Some good advice: Be sure to research your purchases before you buy, talk to us, we can advise you so that you make sound decisions that best answer your business or personal IT needs.

Once you’ve made your purchase, have you thought who is going to set it up for you or deal with any problems you may have? What are the guarantees and return policies? What is the after sales support like? Are you sure you are getting the best offer and pricing you can? All critical questions that need answers BEFORE you buy! And things that can affect your bottom line and business flow drastically if you make the wrong decision.

Partnered with more than 5 of the top suppliers of IT products in the country, we have daily specials and promotions mailed to us, often for short periods of time; too many to promote each day. But they are there. For you.

If you have any IT needs, in your home or in your business, no matter how large or small, talk to us and check with us. We will willingly advise and assist you to make good, sound decisions because we are passionate about what we do and most of all, we really do care.


Contact our Team

Big or small, we’ve got a solution when you need it. We keep normal office hours but can be contacted 24/7/365 if you need us at NO EXTRA CHARGE!