Abrie van der Walt brings over 20 years experience to his Valued Clients at all times.

He performs his services mostly himself, assuring his Clients of the Quality he represents.

During over 20 years working in our field, he experienced first-hand the frustrations of users towards I.T. personnel; and really listened to them, taking their feelings to heart. He established his own I.T. company because he wanted to change this perception and really make a difference by restoring the credibility of I.T. people to his clients and users in the Durban region.

To this end, he will go above and beyond for his Valued Clients, from individuals to small and medium sized enterprises, who he sees as part of his Cyber Infrastructure Solutions Family. He’s not about the profits, as his clients will confirm, but he is about far more than that: he’s about caring and taking pride in all that he does. And he does it with pride and with skill, but most of all with ethics, credibility and honesty.

But enough about that, how can he help YOU…

Abrie van der Walt

Abrie van der Walt

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